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Kamalanath Samarakoon
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‘Hiran Tillekeratne special Award‘ for the outstanding postgraduate research carried out in the field of Engineering from 2010 to 2012 awarded by University Grants Commission, Sri Lanka  in 2013
‘National Science and Technology Award ’ in the category of ‘Quality Improvement of Products, Processes and Services’ for the R&D work conducted in CEB, organized by the National Science Foundation and Ministry of Science and Technology and awarded by His Excellency the President of Sri Lanka in 2006
·‘Wimalasurendra Award’ for the best on the job Research and Development awarded by the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka in 2000 for the R&D conducted in CEB
‘Award for Excellent Achievement’ in the Client-Server System Development Course conducted by Centre of the International Co-operation for Computerization (CICC), Tokyo, 1999
Member of the winning team of iSolve,  The contest for developing business from the University Research, Cardiff University,UK, 2011
Postgraduate scholarship to study for MEng degree in Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand, 1995
Hiran Tillekeratne special Award, UGC, Sri Lanka -2013
iSolve Winning Team Member, Cardiff University, UK -2011
National Science and Technology Award, Sri Lanka -2006
Wimalasurendra Award, IESL, Sri Lanka - 2000
Award for Excellent Achivement, CICC, Japan -1999
Postgraduate Scholarship to study in AIT, World Bank -1995
Best Research Award, 3rd Place, National Energy Symposium, Sri Lanka -2015